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Philly Crawling’s Origin Story

How I Quit Being a Lawyer & Started a Pub Crawl Company

a man standing in front of a buildingIt was the summer of 2010, and I found myself on a platform in Prague waiting for my train to Munich. I was alone, broke, and had no clue where to sleep that night. And man, was I psyched!

You see, I’m constantly searching for life’s next great experience. I’ve studied in Australia, worked in Yellowstone National Park, and driven from New York to L.A. and back again. So backpacking through Europe seemed like the next logical step.

I had just completed my first year of law school – the opposite of life’s next great experience. So I hopped on a plane and wound up in the Czech Republic. I spent two-and-a-half months roaming through Europe and explored more than 20 cities across 12 countries.

The cities I fell in love with were the ones with history tour pub crawls. They allowed me to meet fellow travelers from all over the world, learn hidden history, and, best of all, drink the local beers! Good times, fun stories, and cold drinks, what could be better?

Five years after that trip ended, I was stuck behind a desk, dutifully wasting away as a practicing attorney. In my soul, I knew it was time for another adventure. My mind flashed back to those great memories I made on the European pub crawls, and I thought – let’s bring those experiences home.

That is why I started Philly Crawling. I want visitors to the City of Brotherly Love to experience the same excitement, fun, and laughter I did while on those pub crawls. So come have a couple of drinks and learn some history on Philly Crawling’s version of life’s next great experience.


Bobby Heaney
Owner & Chief Crawling Officer